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sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

"Must join" bonus sites

I'll cut to the chase and only list the sites I think you MUST join if you intend to use traffic exchanges to earn traffic and money. If you need more information about each site, just look for my review of this site at this blog. Click the banner to join each site:

1) Click Track Profit (CTP): badges, surf promos, and FREE cash!

2) Viral Traffic Games (VTG): an addictive game played at a lot of TEs and mailers, giving prizes, including cash.

3) Zubee Zone: an amazing points collector. Collect zubee at a lot of TEs and mailers and exchange it for bonuses, including CASH (it's not rewarding cash anymore, until now).

4) Te Promos: surf TEs and collect badges filled with CASH!

5) Cash Surfing Network: collect prizes at some TEs, earning cash. Paid to Promote too.

6) Evelyn's Treasure Chest: surf TEs from their network and earn prizes, including CASH.

7) TE Headquarters: surf some TEs to get some goodies, including CASH.

8) Traffic Profit Pro: nice PTP site, with a new contest each week, with different target TEs. Cash prizes (it's not working anymore, but I'll keep the link if they change back)!!

9) Power Surf Central (PSC): mostly for extra goodies at the 3 TEs from their network, but it's useful anyway.

10) Ad One Ten: collect stickers and earn prizes and cash.

If you don't find a specific page about these pages at my blog, I'll insert later soon.

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