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sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2016

Welcome to my blog MLS4US!

With this blog, I intend to build a list and send to this list the sites I checked myself at the internet for earning money, leads (traffic) and sales (for example, a paid referal sign up for a site you are promoting). I'll use simple and intuitive tags to organize my content, so you'll be able to navegate easily, I hope.

I'll be brief and explain the stuff here:
  1. Each post will be about a different site. I'll post some personal feedback about the site and tips how to use it and earn goodies there;
  2. Each site will have tags showing which things this site offers to you.
And that's all. I'll list the type of sites you'll need to sign up for a better cash/traffic earning online experience:
  1. For earning traffic/leads (TAG: traffic), you'll need Traffic Exchanges and Mailers. Traffic Exchanges (tag: TE) are sites where you visit ("surf") another people sites and earn credits, which you'll use to promote your own sites. Mailers (tag: mailer) are the same, but they use e-mails to generate traffic (it's recommended to have one e-mail only to these mailers, because you can receive a lot of e-mails from another members). There are the Coops (TAG: coop), which uses a special link which you can share at almost any traffic exchange, showing another members sites, and you'll be able to show your sites at a lot of traffic exchanges through it.
  2. There are sites which gives you extra ways to earn traffic and/or cash inside traffic exchanges and mailers! I recommend you join any sites you can, it's usually FREE. TAG: bonus
  3. Any site which is good to earn CASH I'll put the tag cash. If it's a site which PAID ME, I'll use the verified tag. And sites I would NOT recommend (for reasons I'll specify here) I'll put the tag boycott.
That's it. Please register to receive the updates of my blog, so you can check my personal recommendations whenever I post them here. And thanks for coming! :)

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